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About Fussy Gus

Like, does anyone ever actually read the About Page on websites?   If so.... well I'm eating my hat... and WELCOME and thank you for visiting my little shop.  

Every single Fussy Gus piece is made by me, Jen, in Melbourne.  Just me, in my little study/sewing room with Netflix and true crime podcasts to keep me company.

Of course, I have a little help from my friends... the screen printing is done by the amazing team at All Of The Above Screen Printing in Fitzroy.  Fabric and placement prints are for the most part designed by me, but I do love to collaborate and have worked with some very talented Australian women.  

Credit must also be given to my fabulous Instagram network who reach out, engage and encourage me every single day.  If you're one of them... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  Fussy Gus would literally be nothing without your kindness and support.

Fussy Gus started out in 2014 as strictly kids clothes, but it's evolved and changed and here we are... Now it's all about the laaaaaadies.  Tops and tees, in sizes 8 to 26, that are quirky, nostalgic or feminist.  The things I love.  And mates, I've hit my stride and love what I'm doing more than ever.   Every day I wake up thinking about this Fussy Gus caper....and you know....what my kids are gonna eat for breakfast and stuff.  I gave up my day job at the end of 2018, to focus those work hours on this venture... and I'm #blessed.   All my life I've been drawing and creating... but now I actually get to list it as my occupation.  It's bloody awesome.  

I hope you're just dying to put some Fussy Gus on your bod, and I hope that if you do, you feel amazing in it.  Let me know!  Catch me anytime on Instagram: @fussygus or email me at:

Anyway, I can't believe you actually read all that!  Did we just become best friends?

JEN  xoxo